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In 2007, we took our logistics complex with over 40,000 m² of storage space into operation at Weissenburger Str . 71. In 2012, our administration building, which had previously been located separately in the area of Dortmund canal port - and indeed where it had stood for 24 years - was also relocated to the Weissenburger Strasse site. The offices are now housed in a building that originally dates from around 1870 but has been renovated from the bottom up. Today, our workforce of around 170 regular employees, supplemented by many flexible workers, make it their task to meet our customers’ requirements. Every day.

The approx. 40,500 m² of warehousing space offers room for 5,900 article types in over 98,000 product variants, with 15,000 pallet spaces and 76,000 picking places. State-of-the-art warehouse logistics ensure that we are able to offer and maintain a high level of service.

This is also the starting point for deliveries to our subsidiaries and partners in other countries. We ship by the shortest possible route, direct to the customer - and always strictly to order.

L-SHOP-TEAM | Österreich
L-SHOP-TEAM Austria GmbH & Co.KG (Austria)
Since September 2012, sales and order handling in Austria has been in the hands of a 5-person team based in Ried. This organization has developed out of the former Imprint division of Krassler, a firm which existed for several decades.

L-SHOP-TEAM | Belgien
Since 1. Mai 2015 the L-SHOP-TEAM is in Belgium too - the Belgian textile wholesaler WIC NV based in Sint-Martens-Latemis now part of the L-SHOP-TEAM family.

L-SHOP-TEAM | Schweiz
L-SHOP-TEAM Schweiz AG (Switzerland)
In 2014 the Swiss subsidiary L-SHOP-TEAM Schweiz AG was founded.

L-SHOP-TEAM | Tschechien
L-SHOP-TEAM Česko s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
In November 2014, the Czech textile wholesaler Tiger Team became a wholly owned subsidiary of L-SHOP-TEAM. Based in Prague and with four staff members, the company takes care of the needs of the customers in the Czech Republic.

L-SHOP-TEAM Polska Sp.z o.o. (Poland)
Since 2011, a 3-person team has been in place at our operating location in Krakow to take care of sales and order handling in Poland.

L-SHOP-TEAM | Niederlande
L-SHOP-TEAM Nederland B.V. (Netherlands)
At the end of 2015 the L-SHOP-TEAM Nederland B.V. was set up in the Netherlands.

L-SHOP-TEAM | Dänemark
L-SHOP-TEAM Danmark ApS (Denmark)
With the establishment of the L-SHOP-TEAM Danmark ApS at the end of 2015 we are now present for the Danish customers with our subsidiary in Denmark.

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